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French/balcony aluminum doors

Apart from the wide range of wooden and wooden-aluminum doors NordicAluTimber also offers all types of aluminum doors. Profiles used for manufacturing are: Schuco , Reynaers and others on request. Aluminum profiles are powder coated with the high quality paints, available in all RAL colours also anodized and even in many special custom colours.

NordicAluTimber offers low aluminium threshold which makes using the door much easier especially for elderly people, children or disabled.

Aluminum balcony doors are available in several options of profiles:

  • not thermally - mostly used for interiors but also for exterior especially in countries where weather conditions are rather warm,

  • thermally broken profiles, starting from only 50 mm to 70 mm thick frames,

  • thermally broken profiles with improved thermal insulation where the frame is 70mm thick or more, where usulaly triple glazing is used to achieve the U value of even 1,0 W/m2K.


NordicAluTimber offers the following options for the balcony doors:

  • with window handle on the inside only, 

  • with window handle on the inside and outside, 

  • with lever door handles,

  • with cylinder lock inside or both sides.

Aluminum conservatories

Bring the sunshine in with an aluminum conservatory

An aluminum conservatory will bring light and space into your home. Just imagine the effect on a beautiful spring day! But actually with a conservatory you can obviously enjoy light and space 12 months a year in your home or in a pleasant sunroom. And aluminum makes nearly everything possible, from the simplest annexed conservatory to complex constructions.

A conservatory for every building style

No matter what you have in mind, with Reynaers aluminium profiles you can create the conservatory of your dreams. "Functional”, for example, has a simple, yet elegant appearance, whilst the “Orangerie” line conjures up the authentic mood of a Victorian winter garden. For romantic building styles and renovations there is the “Renaissance” series. To each his own and to each his aluminum conservatory.

Covered terrace

If, however, you have no room for a conservatory, but still wish to create a comparable atmosphere, you can opt for a Reynaers awning. Our aluminum awnings let through sufficient light and are of a timeless design. In addition they provide thorough protection against rain and wind.

The advantages of aluminum conservatories:

  • Various shapes and styles. 

  • Large choice of colours. 

  • Extensive accessory range: ventilation, shading systems, controls.

  • High quality.

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