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Balcony / french wooden doors

Balcony French doors are a very special type of door based on the window profile. First of all they allow you to go to your balcony or terrace but also they let a lot of sunlight into your home. From the architectural point of view they solve the problems of location of the windows in the building and allow you to form the interior in an original way. French doors are not only a necessary element of the furniture but they also add some individualism to your house.

French doors may either be inward or outward opening or even tilt. NordicAluTimber offers low aluminum threshold which makes using the door much easier especially for elderly people, children or disabled. NordicAluTimber offers the following options for the balcony doors:

  • with window handle on the inside only,

  • with window handle on the inside and outside,

  • with lever door handles,

  • with cylinder lock inside or both sides.

Entry wooden doors

 NordicAluTimber is proud to offer you a unique door that is different from all other doors. Our doors are stylish and elegant and every single unit is manufactured on the basis of the individual requirements referring the timber, shape, colour and hardware. Our doors are durable, safe, offer good thermal and acoustic insulation. Endless choice of infill panels including plain, grooved, decorative or glazed with obscure glass allows to create a door that is one of a kind. Always equipped with multipoint automatic locking system and A class cylinder locks.

Timber conservatories

The most important elements of the conservatory are its roof and vertical glazing. The whole of the structure is made from meranti or pine multi-layer wood. The walls depend on the kind of the design and its purpose. Depending on the design they can be made up of frames, windows, balcony doors and low-threshold L&S doors. The hardware we provide is multipoint locks manufactured by the German firm SIEGENIA. These locks make it possible to open the windows in the following ways: turn, tilt and turn, tilt as well as slide. Our standard products are fitted with hardware of the first anti-burglary category. It enables slight de-tightening which, in turn, enables proper ventilation. We are able to fill any individual ordered including, among other thing, different frames: fixed frames, arch, trapezoid and triangle ones as well as direct glazing frames. Windows can be fitted with internal bars, external (that can be opened) and so called Viennede (with bars stuck into the pane) ones.

The woodwork in conservatory is made in DJ-68 system(turn&tilt) – in accordance with the technical approval.

Individuality and complexity of the gardens are seen, most and foremost, in the structure of the roof. Elements of the roof (wall-ridge, rafters and others) are made from high quality wood which not only ensures the necessary strength of the structure but also emphasizes the beauty of the natural wood. Depending on the designs, roofs can be single, double and multi-pitched. All wooden elements are painted with GORI stain, which not only protects the wood against harmful influence of the atmosphere but also adds to its beauty by showing the structure of the wood.

Rafters in the roof are covered with aluminum profiles to which glass units are fixed. The units are completely watertight and there is no rain leakage whatsoever. The roof is the most expensive and its structure is the most time consuming element of the winter garden.

                                                                                                     THE STRUCTURE

Water drainage
Rain water is carried off through a system of aluminum gutters and drain pipes. All the aluminum elements used in the garden have powder coating which makes them last for dozen of years.

The standard vertical walls have the CLIMAPLUS insulated glass whose coefficient is Ug = 1,1 W/M2 K with Argon gas inside. If it is the customer's wish, we can also use glazing with the following types of safety panes: anti-burglary, bulletproof, soundproof and reflective. To glaze the roof we use the Planistar, Planidur and VSG panes which not only protect people against injuries if the pane happens to break but also provide constant comfort in the garden throughout the year:

  • in summer the overheating of the inside is limited,

  • in winter thermal insulation is ensured(which results in lowering the costs of heating),

  • in spring and autumn the sunlight is fully used; the direct radiation is limited, thought-out. 


The novelty is a self-cleaning BIOCLEAN pane which makes use of the ultraviolet radiation and the rain water in order to remove organic impurities, stains of rain drops and dust.

To ensure proper exchange of the air and to maintain the micro-climate the following are used: mechanical suction fan and triple vents which are placed in the lower parts of window frames. Airing units works automatically with a thermostat and ensures an appropriate exchange of the air.

Having been manufactured the conservatory is assembled on the producer's premises and after a check it is taken to the customer and is reassembled by a  assembling team. The cost of the assembly is included in final price.

On the basis of the measurements or design supplied by the customer we will prepare a rough calculation of the conservatory. We choose the shape and the size of the garden suitable to the building and we take the customer's suggestions into consideration.

~We have all necessary certificates for all the elements. The conservatory supplied by the NordicAluTimber have modern structural and technologic solutions, are hard-wearing and of great aesthetic appeal.

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