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Tilt & turn wooden windows

Tilt&turn windows primarily are a very reliable product - high tech, comfortable to use and bringing a unique charm into our house. It opens in in a classic was - inswing, it can tilt only but it can also be equipped with both functions at the same - tilt&turn. Accordingly with the requirements of building the functions are turn and tilt (turn first) or tilt and turn (tilt first also called TBT). The functionality of tilt&turn windows is confirmed by increasing popularity of this system across whole Europe and the other continents as well.

The highest quality, stability and strength of this system is achieved by using engineered (laminated) timber treated and finished with microporous water-based paints and stains.The protection from the heat loss and noise is provided by perfectly sealed double or triple glazed units of glass manufactured by the professional glass suppliers.

Accordingly with the customer's wish additional up to 3 gaskets in total can be used for even better thermal and acoustic insulation. The bottom aluminium drip rail located between the sash and frame protects actually the whole window from various weather conditions and since it is thermally broken it offers another thermal protection as well. The complex high performance hardware fitted all around the window sash ensures that your window is safe  and easy to operate for dozens of years.

Additionally our standard ironmongery allow for so called microventilation. It is a possibility of making a small gap between the frame and sash to allow little airflow. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the size of this gap according to the time of the year, you can have larger gap for ventilation in summer and smaller in winter.

For customers who would like to improve the aesthetic aspects of our tilt&turn windows the special concealed hinges are available. Then there is no visible hinges with cover cups but the whole hardware is hidden between the sash and the frame.

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