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About us



NordicAluTimber is a direct supplier of high quality and high performance range of Scandinavian timber windows including: alu-clad , timber, aluminum or stell windows and all their equivalent door sets. With 17 years of experience, we pride ourselves in delivering products created on an individual basis that meet required design needs and quality craftsmanship to deliver uncompromising quality.



We recognise that doors and windows are a distinctive feature of every home, often designed and manufactured to specific individual requirements. NordicAluTimber specialise in custom projects, where individual specifications are supported by the highest quality manufacturing processes resulting in products of the highest quality and performance. Long longevity, low maintenance and certified energy efficiency are just few benefits of modern technology requirements such as Passive House Certification in Darmstadt or SP Institute in Sweden that is delivered by NordicAluTimberIn addition, all our products came from sustainable sources and are environmentally friendly.



We work closely and cooperate with architect, quality fitter teams and construction companies. Our cooperations are based on a long term relationship that has delivered exceptional results and bespoke quality for many successful projects.To request a no-obligation, free of charge quotation or list of our recent installations with our references, please contact us via Enquiry Form, or if you prefer to call, you can reach us on 07542 092146


Credentials and certificates:

  • Passive House Institute Certificate by Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (Germany) – Certification for products that meet the requirements of passive buildings.The Passive House Standard excels due to its extremely high energy savings in comparison with ordinary new constructions. Particularly careful planning of energy-efficient components for up to four times as efficient as the products commonly used.


  • IFT Approval -it is a confirmation issued by the German Institute For Window Techniques in Rosenheim (IFT) for the products and the producer saying that all the highest quality and technological norms are met.


  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) – Sustainability Certification that all products are manufactured from sustainable sources.FSC certifications which means that our timber is sourced from well managed and sustainable sources. For timber to be certified FSC it has to have Chain of Custody back to the forest and be sourced form a legal and sustainable sources.


  • SP Technical Research Institute in Sweden-U value test results for NOR105 outward opening windows (Krypton gas) – it is a result of the test confirming the heat transmission coefficient for the whole window of that type, in this case Uw=0,84 W/m2K. According to EN 10077.

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